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When should I panic?

By Euan Murray, Chief Executive of The Sustainability Consortium

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TSC Impact Report 2018

60 and Up Club

The Sustainability Index, powered by TSC, is an unmatched resource for measuring the state of supply chain transparency in the consumer good industry. We are happy to highlight those product categories who achieved the highest average Index and are part of our 2018 60 and Up Club!

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What’s In A Toolkit?
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Explore TSC’s First Publicly Available
“Coffee Product Sustainability Toolkit”



Supplier Resources

Supplier Tools
and Resources

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answering key performance indicators?
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Achieve Susty Targets 2018Achieving Sustainability Targets 2018

Achieving Your
Webinar Series

A Free Webinar Series from
Leaders in the Sustainability Industry.

November 6-29, 2018
10:30-11:45 am CDT

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The Sustainability Consortium (TSC) is a global non-profit organization working to transform the consumer goods industry by partnering with leading companies to define, develop, and deliver more sustainable products.

What We Offer

TSC creates change through the implementation of our science-based, metrics driven approach. Through collaborating with our broad membership base— which includes manufacturers, retailers, corporations, and NGOs—and other stakeholders, we drive innovation for a new generation of products and more sustainable supply networks. TSC drives impact through 4 key offerings:

Our Measurement and Reporting System

Our tools are used by buyers and suppliers to address
cost efficiency in product supply chains.

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Collaboration and Leadership Initiatives

Uncommon collaborations with hundreds of
stakeholders tackling issues in product supply chains.

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TSC is uniquely bringing together stakeholders and
creates unparalleled opportunity for collaboration.

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TSC covers 90% of sustainability impacts in consumer goods.
To explore impacts, please use our ProductFinder to find the consumer product you are most interested in.

Industry Sectors

TSC aligns with key industry sectors to drive harmonization and create proactive innovations in reporting.

Footwear & Textiles

Clothing, Footwear and Textiles
Working Group


Working Group

Food, Beverage and Agriculture
Working Group

General Merchandise

General Merchandise
Working Group

Home & Personal Care

Home and Personal Care
Working Group


Working Group

Paper Pulp & Forestry

Paper, Pulp and Forestry
Working Group


Working Group

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climate warnings
TSC Drivers of Tree Cover Loss Infographic_72dpiThe Sustainability Consortium® | ©2018 Arizona State University and University of Arkansas
Infographic Design by Giada Mannino, Senior Designer, TSC


Achieving Sustainability Targets 2018

Join TSC

For suppliers, manufacturers, and retailers, membership in The Sustainability Consortium is a chance to participate in a transformative project. TSC uniquely brings together stakeholders and creates unparalleled opportunity for collaboration. Our tools and frameworks enable proactive innovation, driving at-scale improvements by coordinating and sharing best practices and collaborating on sustainability solutions.

Learn more about joining TSC and being part of an innovative sustainability team and what it means to be a TSC member.


TSC is funded primarily by contributors and members. To make a tax-deductible donation to support TSC and its mission, donate now.

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