The Sustainability Consortium Prepares to Launch Chilean Hub

The Sustainability Consortium (TSC) is pleased to announce its inaugural Latin America event. On Tuesday, April 24 in Santiago, Chile, The Consortium will launch the Chilean Hub, the first official representation of a global initiative in the region. Resulting from a joint strategic effort between The Consortium and long time international partners Fundación Chile and Walmart Chile, the organization looks forward to addressing the vast opportunities in Latin America. TSC will continue to develop increased capacity in support of the Sustainability Measurement and Reporting System through the timely integration of regional and local expertise. Corporate, academic, non-governmental, and governmental participants from Chile, Brazil, and Mexico will join The Sustainability Consortium in reflecting on the diversity of this global organization while acknowledging the common pressing challenges among nations. For additional information please contact: Marco Ugarte, Ph.D., CSCP Research & Business Development   Presentations and Speakers Welcome Enrique Ostalé, CEO, Walmart Chile The Role of Fundación Chile at The Sustainability Consortium (TSC) Alvaro Fischer, President of Fundación Chile Responsible Consumption as a Catalyst for Development María Ignacia Benítez, Minister of the Environment The Clean Production Agenda Towards 2020 and Corporate Sustainability Rafael Lorenzini, Executive Director, National Council of Clean Production The Financial Value of Sustainability: Dow Jones Sustainability Index Jvan Gaffuri, Senior Mananger of Sustainability Services at SAM Research Responsible Consumption & Sustainability: Challenges and Opportunities Helio Matar, Founder & Director, Akatú The Sustainability Consortium (TSC) Sarah Lewis, Sector Manager, The Sustainability Consortium The Scientific Approach Applied to Business Luis Cifuentes, Professor, Department of Global Change, School of Engineering, PUC The Value of being part of TSC: The Coca-Cola Experience Gonzalo Iglesias, CEO, Coca-Cola Chile How Walmart leverages the Work from TSC? Brittni Furrow, Senior Manager Sustainability, Walmart Discussion Panel – Sustainable Production & Consumption: Are we prepared? Consuelo Saavedra, Moderator Fernando del Solar, CEO, Nestlé Chile Fransico Suárez, Sustainability Director, FEMSA México Ricardo Bosshard, Director, WWF Chile Alberto Mayol, Sociologist, University of Chile