Member Awards

TSC Members Are the Driving Force Behind All That We Do

By: Euan Murray, CEO The Sustainability Consortium

Member Awards

The Sustainability Consortium held its 8th TSC Summit last month in Washington D.C. We welcomed over 200 TSC members and guests, including keynote speakers Jason Clay of WWF and Hunter Lovins of Natural Capitalism Solutions. Although I have attended several TSC summits, this was my first one as CEO. I am so honored to lead such an important organization that has already achieved so much. TSC has a big future ahead of it. I continue to be impressed by how engaged TSC members are in our work – they are the driving force behind all that we do. This year we held our first ever Member Awards Ceremony. TSC’s Members bring vision, a sense of purpose and a will to succeed. And above all, they deliver positive change in their companies and their supply chains for people and the planet. At our Summit Reception, TSC gave out 10 awards to individuals and Member organizations to recognize outsized contributions to TSC’s mission: to use the best sustainability science to help companies make the everyday products we use better and more sustainable. And to support TSC’s efforts to deliver Impact at Scale. The winners:

Triple Threat Award
Winner: Scott Mobley, Matt Kopac, and Alexis Limberakis, The Clorox Company
The Clorox team participated in multiple sector initiatives, from packaging to the common chemicalscriteria taskforce

Heart Award
Winner: The team from the Environmental Defense Fund
EDF has been a guiding force in TSC’s multi-sector endeavors since the beginning, championing TSC through board leadership and cross team engagement, year after year

TSC Champion Award
Winner: Robert Anson, Henkel
Rob Anson has engaged Henkel colleagues across North America, Europe and Asia to involve them in TSC’s work. As a TSC Board Member, his public support for TSC with peers and business partners hasbeen instrumental in several other companies joining the TSC family

Team Commitment Award
Winner: The Bayer Team
The Bayer team worked diligently to share uses for TSC and benefits internally to fully engage new points for TSC across the Bayer business

Tools Maven Award
Winner: Rachel Goldstein, Mars, Inc.
Rachel is always thinking outside of the box and has been influential in shaping how others can utilize TSC tools and what to develop next

Dream Big Award
Winner: Ashley Kuhn, Procter & Gamble
Ashley is a visionary and sees potential for big ideas and how TSC can serve as a home for them

TSC Service Award
Winner: Tim Carey, PepsiCo
Tim is a leader and proud TSC board member, always thinking about the big picture and looking into the future of TSC

Achiever Award
Winner: The Nature Conservancy
This year, TSC and TNC worked together more than ever before, proving great things can happen when you combine forces

TSC Advocate Award
Winner: Cristian Barcan, The Vinyl Institute
Whether presenting at industry events, or talking among friends, we know Cristian is always thinking of ways to spread awareness about TSC to help us grow

Passion Award
Winner: Roian Atwood, Wrangler
Roian is a TSC champion, has pushed us when he believes in something big, and has spread his passion for making supply chains more sustainable, improving the way we do business, throughout every project and engagement he’s been involved with

I want to congratulate all of our members on their awards. I am looking forward to our next set of awards in 2018.

Euan MurraySincerely,
Euan Murray
TSC Chief Executive