Cool Farm Tool Infographic

Agrible® Joins Cool Farm Alliance to Bring Agricultural Sustainability Worldwide

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Cool Farm Tool Infographic

Cool Farm Tool Adds Depth to Agrible’s Predictive Analytics Platform to Help Growers Make the Best Decisions Possible and Improve Productivity Globally

CHAMPAIGN, Ill.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–In a move designed to enhance its services on a global scale, Agrible has partnered with Cool Farm Alliance (CFA) to bring Agrible’s Sustainable Sourcing platform to more growers around the world.

“Agrible is laying the foundation for the next generation of agricultural systems and technologies with partners like CFA to make farmers around the world more productive, profitable, and efficient. Access to globally-scalable services and technology to help farmers make more informed decisions is our passion and commitment,” said Jeff Peters, Agrible’s VP of Sustainability.

The challenge agriculture has ahead is increasing production while optimizing natural resource use. The goal of CFA’s Cool Farm Tool (CFT) is to enable millions of growers across the globe to make on-farm decisions using management options that reduce their environmental impact and improve their sustainability.

“We are excited to announce Agrible’s membership in CFA. Our members see integration of the CFT with farm management software as a key enabler for scaling sustainability measurement and management in their supply chains, and we’re delighted to start this process with Agrible,” said Simon Miller, General Manager at Cool Farm Alliance.

“This collaboration will enable reporting of The Sustainability Consortium (TSC) Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and is a big step forward in mobilizing data from farm to retail. Agrible and CFA are important partners in TSC’s commitment to solve for farm data connectivity and interoperability along supply chains. This addition to the Agrible platform will enable growers to have easy and flexible sustainability reporting of farm metrics to their customers and ultimately to TSC’s retail KPI’s, a win-win,” said Christy Slay, Ph.D., Director, Research at The Sustainability Consortium.