Applying a jurisdictional approach to support sustainable seafood

Here, we propose that market-based approaches and ecosystem-based governance initiatives can be integrated to improve the sustainability of seafood production systems using a jurisdictional approach.
The Sustainability Consortium | ©2019 Arizona State University and University of Arkansas

Data Landscape Mapping in Agricultural Supply Chains – Project Report

The goal of this project was to facilitate the flow of farm-level data to food companies, and ultimately retailers.

Coffee Production and Sustainability: The Sustainability Consortium’s Commodity Mapping Report

Useful information about the key sustainability issues associated with growing and processing coffee beans.

How to Get Sustainability Data Flowing in Agriculture Supply Chains

A preliminary report to guide the work of the Agriculture Metrics Task Force.

A Review of Water Scarcity Indices and Methodologies

An overview of the primary water scarcity indices and water resource assessment methodologies at the forefront of political and corporate decision making.

Geospatial Climate Data

A review of current geospatial data sets available as inputs for crop modeling research at the regional scale.

Regional Corn Modeling at a High Resolution Scale: A Yield Based Approach and Blue vs Green Water Assessment

Global water resource demand is expected to increase by as much…