Coffee Product Sustainability Toolkit and Supply Chain Diagram

Coffee Product Sustainability Toolkit and Supply Chain Diagram
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Projects:Sustainable Coffee Challenge, Commodity Mapping
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Coffee is one of our most cherished commodity. The world consumes about one billion cups of coffee per day, and demand for coffee has increased almost 50% in the last 12 years, growth that is expected to continue. Simultaneous to this increased demand, the ecosystems where coffee is grown are being impacted by climate change and variability, coffee farm workers seek safer and fairer workplaces, and many smallholder farms struggle for viability.

To address this, the Sustainable Coffee Challenge was formed “to make coffee the first sustainable agricultural product in the world”. The Sustainability Consortium (TSC) is a proud member of the Sustainable Coffee Challenge, which is being led by one of TSC’s key partners, Conservation International. As part of our commitment to the Challenge, TSC is releasing its “toolkit” of products in the Coffee category into the public domain. In doing so, we encourage commercial and non-profit organizations throughout the coffee supply chain to use these tools to learn more about hotspots and improvement opportunities in the coffee supply chain, use the KPIs to measure and share progress around key issues, and use the research reports as a basis for raising awareness and focusing action.

The Product Sustainability Toolkit for Coffee includes:

  • Coffee Category Sustainability Profile: Identifies the environmental and social hotspots and improvement opportunities across the coffee supply chain.
  • Coffee Key Performance Indicators (KPI)s: A quantitative or qualitative measure used to assess and track performance toward addressing key sustainability issues for consumer goods. KPIs can be used to measure progress against the hotspots.
  • Coffee Sustainability Insights: Summarizes the Profile into a one-page, easy-to-understand document aimed at retail merchants and brand sales teams.

Other Downloads Include:

  • Coffee Supply Chain Diagram: Provides a visual summary of the Profile, and is an excellent tool to use for raising awareness of where particular hotspots.
  • Coffee Commodity Mapping Report: Demonstrates TSC’s commodity mapping services, which helps downstream buyers learn more about where they are sourcing from, and what risks there might be in those regions.


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