Why Join

Government Bodies

For the purpose of engaging with TSC, a government agency is an organization, governmental or non-governmental, that is responsible for the oversight and/or enforcement of government rules, laws, licenses and/or regulations.

Government agency members must agree to and abide by the Rules of Engagement in the membership policy.

Tier Benefits Tier I Tier II
One seat and one alternate on the Civil Society Advisory Council, with the opportunity to participate in committees and task forces
Participation in all relevant Sector Working Groups
Participation in all relevant Consortium Working Groups
Eligible to run for working group leadership positions with Board of Directors approval
The opportunity to collaborate with The Sustainability Consortium for our newsletter, website, press and media, and conferences relating to sustainability progress and improvements


Tier I $25,000 (per year)
Tier II $10,000 (per year)

All contributions are paid through a 501c3 institution of higher education.