Product Category Portfolio

The Sustainability Consortium is committed to being a transparent organization focused on delivering valuable science-based knowledge products to our members and licensed product users to drive consumer product sustainability. This interactive page depicts the product categories currently addressed by TSC Product Sustainability Toolkits.

Through research and stakeholder feedback, TSC creates practical tools that highlight and summarize the most relevant, actionable, and credible sustainability knowledge for the entire life cycle of a product category, including both environmental and social issues. Toolkits for new product categories will be added on a rolling basis.

Members have the ability to log onto the Member Portal to view TSC Product Sustainability Toolkits. Each Toolkit includes: a Sustainability Snapshot, Category Sustainability Profile (CSP), and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). The Member Portal also includes a comprehensive, searchable Research Database as a valuable tool for Members.

Supply Chain Visualization

TSC Supply Chain Diagrams are graphic representations of product life cycles that reveal key hotspots and improvement opportunities. The diagram highlights KPIs that can be used to track supplier performance and drive impact.

Three product categories have been selected to demonstrate the application of the diagrams in a wide variety of sectors: chicken, laundry detergent, and household paper.