Product Sustainability Toolkits

Product Sustainability Toolkits

TSC Product Sustainability Toolkits are interactive tools that highlight environmental and social issues relevant to a product category, practices that can be used to drive improvement on those issues, and key performance indicators (KPIs) to track and measure performance against these issues. The Toolkits are science-based and stakeholder-informed, including input by companies, academics, civil society organizations, and government agencies.

The objective of the Toolkits is to facilitate decision-making by retailers, manufacturers, and suppliers along the value chain, with an emphasis on impact and improving product sustainability.

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The Toolkits are available to TSC Members via the Member Portal and can also be purchased via a licensing arrangement through the SAP Product Stewardship Network, or purchased as part of implementation trainings offered through TSC Implementation Services.


The Member Portal also offers a comprehensive Research Database of expert sources that is searchable and sortable according to a user’s needs. This tool, with expanded functionality, allows the creation of customized reports and to frame decisions through a particular issue.


To facilitate implementation and utilization of the Toolkits, TSC offers trainings and tutorials, with the ultimate goal of driving more sustainable consumer products. These trainings began January 2015. Contact Jessica Ginger to learn more.

TSC also provides tips and guidance to help organizations get started in sustainability. TSC Members created an implementation toolkit that is available here.

Selected Case Studies

There are a multitude of options for implementing our work into business practices. In the case study portfolio, TSC Members share how they are implementing TSC Product Sustainability Toolkits into their businesses to identify hotspots and improvement opportunities in their supply chains, communicate the issues to buyers and suppliers of their products and services, and to create internal tools to track and measure the sustainability progress in their business practices.

If you are a Member of The Sustainability Consortium and would like to submit a case study, or share your sustainability story in other ways, please contact Carolyn Baltz.

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