The Toys Sector Working Group leads the investigation of sustainability issues and improvement opportunities for a variety of toy product categories. The life cycle evaluation of toys and materials relevant to toy production involves engagement from material producers, manufacturers, retailers, waste managers and other experts and stakeholders spanning the supply chain.

The Toys Sector Working Group will collaborate with other sector working groups to develop TSC Product Sustainability Toolkits for electronics, books and magazines, metal and plastic furniture and play structures, textiles and materials used for role-play costumes and accessories, and other play-related product categories.

Materials Analysis with Application to Toys

Toys are made from both natural and synthetic raw materials. In addition to evaluating the sustainability of toy product categories, The Consortium is also researching the environmental and social impacts of raw materials that are extracted and processed to make toys and other consumer products. Our materials research has cross-sector applicability. Materials that have relevance to toys and play products include:

  • Metals
  • Plastics
  • Lumber: Dimensional and Composite
  • Textiles: Natural and Synthetic

Product Categories Covered in the Toys Sector

Category Sustainability Profiles and Key Performance Indicators are available only to TSC Members
through the Member Portal.

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Working Group Contacts

Dr. Carole Mars
Research Manager

For content specific questions regarding this sector, please contact Carole Mars.

Jessica Ginger

Jessica Ginger
Manager - Member Operations and Implementation

For general comments or questions regarding this Working Group, please contact Jessica Ginger.