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Trade Associations

For the purpose of engaging with The Sustainability Consortium, a Trade Association is a multi-stakeholder organization whose mission, purpose, and/or goal is to represent a specific industry, profession, category of goods, or aspect of the consumer goods supply chain. A Trade Association can be a for-profit or not-for-profit entity comprised of multiple organizations or individuals convening to advance common themes or interests. Certain classes of commercial associations (e.g., commodity check-off groups) may be granted special membership status as determined by the Board of Directors. Cases in which it is unclear if an organization fits the definition of a trade association will be referred to the Board of Directors. Trade Associations are not eligible to serve on the Board of Directors, vote in the Board of Director election or serve on Advisory Councils. Trade Association members must agree to and abide by the Rules of Engagement.


  • Must have five or more mutual members with TSC
    (with at least $500K in membership fees paid by the mutual members)
  • Must work with TSC to recruit two new TSC members
    for every year of the Trade Associations membership

Trade Association members must agree to and abide by the Rules of Engagement in the membership policy.


Large Organization ($50M or more in annual assets) $50,000 (per year)
Small Organization (Less than $50M in annual assets) $25,000 (per year)

All contributions are paid through a 501c3 institution of higher education.