Packaging Life Cycle Inventory Data Review

Packaging Life Cycle Inventory Data Review
Author(s):Quantis USA, Sustainable Packaging Coalition 
Date Published:May 2012
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Prepared by: Quantis USA and the Sustainable Packaging Coalition
Prepared for: The Sustainability Consortium 

The Sustainability Consortium (TSC) is working to create, analyze, and communicate comparable and standardized information about the life cycle of consumer products through the development of Sustainability Measurement and Reporting Systems (SMRSs) under various sector-based working groups. A primary need of the SMRS effort is life cycle inventory (LCI) data on packaging and other materials to enable sustainability measurements and reporting based on life cycle assessment (LCA). In order to leverage existing data, a review has been performed of available life cycle inventory (LCI) data for materials, manufacturing, and end-of-life steps related to packaging. The overall objective of this work is to provide informational support to the Packaging Working group in developing the Sustainability Measurement and Reporting System (SMRS).

measurement and reporting, packaging, life cycle inventory