What We Do

The Sustainability Consortium (TSC) transforms the consumer goods industry through multi-stakeholder collaboration, empowering it to make sustainability improvements at scale in global supply chains. Using a science based approach, we work with corporate, civil society, and government stakeholders to identify hotspots, improvement opportunities, and key performance indicators for different types of consumer products.


How TSC Drives Impact

TSC is driving positive environmental and social change within the consumer goods industry. Our research database is one of the world’s largest, housing scientific evidence on environmental and social hotspots and improvement opportunities within a product’s life cycle, covering nearly 70% of the total impacts in all consumer product categories across 8 consumer product sectors.

How TSC Drives Impact

Supporting innovation in sustainability
Case Studies

How TSC Drives Impact

Creating practical measurement and reporting tools

How TSC Drives Impact

Convening stakeholders across supply chains and multiple industries
Working Groups

How TSC Drives Impact

Identifying key risks and opportunities across supply chains
Our Methodology

How TSC Drives Impact

Improving product sustainability and cost efficiency for buyers and suppliers
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Delivering practical tools for sustainability.

  • Measure progress against your sustainability commitments
  • Benchmark your product sustainability against others making the same types of products
  • Adopt a holistic set of sustainability metrics that are quantitative, impact-oriented, and aligned with other major measurement and reporting initiatives
  • Implement supplier surveys at scale and low cost with a world-class platform delivered by SAP


TSC offers a simple, robust tool that translates complex data and information into actionable systems – resulting in a very usable risk avoidance tool for our teams.
– Kroger

TSC metrics are used by buyers and suppliers.

Buyers can communicate efficiently and effectively with suppliers by asking category-specific questions and tracking supplier performance using key performance indicators that can be tracked over time and used to make within-category comparisons between suppliers.

Suppliers can address product sustainability more effectively and efficiently by understanding what issues are key to their downstream retailers, by measuring and tracking the performance of their own suppliers, and by the one-to-many reporting capability of the SAP platform.

TSC convenes stakeholders from all areas of business including government and non-government, non-profit and for-profit, and trade associations. Through this pre-competitive collaboration, TSC aligns key sustainability initiatives and tools to drive positive impact across the consumer goods industry.