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Tools and services designed to help you address product sustainability in your supply chain.


Product Sustainability Toolkits

TSC Product Sustainability Toolkits are interactive tools that highlight environmental and social issues relevant to a product category, practices that can be used to drive improvement on those issues, and key performance indicators (KPIs) to track and measure performance against these issues.

The Toolkits are designed to facilitate decision-making by retailers, manufacturers, and suppliers along the value chain, with an emphasis on impact and improving product sustainability.

The Toolkits are science-based and stakeholder-informed, including input by companies, academics, civil society organizations, and government agencies.

Principles and Guidance Tools

TSC offers industry relevant principles and guidance tools that are designed to facilitate decision-making for product sustainability in several key areas:

  • Commodity mapping to identify where commodities are produced for different supply chains, what potential issues or risks occur in commodity producing regions, and how to address these issues and answer TSC KPIs.
  • General Guidance for Key Performance Indicators: This document provides essential guidance to complement the specific guidance provided for each key performance indicator (KPI). TSC recommends reading this document before you begin your first questionnaire and revisiting it as often as necessary for clarification and additional information.
  • Supply network mapping provide clarity for supply network stages and relationships by visualizing a typical supply chain, understanding where data resides and where communication about data does or doesn’t occur, and identifying suppliers with relevant upstream information.
  • Seafood Sustainability Program Principles offer guidance for evaluating whether a sustainability program has been developed and is being managed in a credible way, and facilitate choosing relevant and well developed partners across the seafood supply chain.
  • Electronics Take Back Program Principles for developing an effective e-waste program within your company that enables users of electronics to turn over unwanted items for reuse, repair, refurbishment, or material recovery. The five primary characteristics of an ideal program have been identified as: "Program Performance, Transparency & Accountability, Consumer Support & Service, Considerations for Human Health, Safety, & Rights, and Environmental Stewardship".
  • Animal Welfare Organizations and Programs list included in the Animal Welfare Program Map that provide certifications, standards, and tools, along with the corresponding website. This list represents a robust variety of national, regional, and international organizations that address widely recognized animal welfare issues. For TSC Member access to the full Animal Welfare Program Map, please visit the Principles and Guidance Tools section of the Member Portal.
  • TSC Sustainability Program Principles are used by The Sustainability Consortium® (TSC®) and the supply chain to evaluate sustainability programs. These general principles offer guidance for evaluating whether a sustainability program has been developed and is being managed in a credible way, and facilitate choosing relevant and well developed partners across the supply chain.

Sustainability Insights

Sustainability Insights are a portfolio of over 100 documents created by TSC to provide an overview of product sustainability issues accessible to general audiences. The content is drawn from TSC Product Sustainability Toolkits and their detailed research on social and environmental impacts across product life cycles, focused on those that are most relevant to the decision making of retail buying teams and manufacturers.



TSC Learning Center

TSC Learning Center is an online educational platform that provides guided practice on using TSC tools and services to maximize effectiveness and impact. The training material currently available provides users an opportunity to practice responding to TSC Key Performance Indicators to accurately measure and track product sustainability. Future additional training modules will focus on prioritizing issues, setting goals and policies, identifying your sourcing regions, and training global teams all through the use of TSC tools and services.

TSC Members
Access to the Learning Center is included in your membership. If you are a representative of a Member organization, please email us to gain access to the Learning Center.

Trainings and Tips

TSC offers trainings and tutorials to facilitate effective implementation and utilization of the Toolkits, with the ultimate goal of driving more sustainable consumer products. Trainings are online or on-site. Contact Jessica Ginger to learn more.

TSC also provides tips to help organizations get started in sustainability. As one example, click here to access a simple Tips sheet created by TSC to help support successful implementation.

TSC Service Provider Training
TSC Service Provider Training

Learn how to use TSC tools and services to enhance the services you provide to the consumer goods industry! The Sustainability Consortium (TSC) has begun offering a two day training for companies and individuals who provide services to current and potential users of TSC tools, including consumer goods companies and retailers.


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